Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kindergarten Jump Start

Following Mrs. Jones down the hall to the classroom

With his friend, who may be in his class

My first piece of kindergarten art
Today and tomorrow, Jonathan is going to kindergarten. Classes actually begin on Aug. 17th, but his school has a kindergarten Jump Start so the kids can meet their teacher, see their classroom and get a feel for the routine of kindergarten. As far as I know, his school is the only area school that does this. I am glad he has this opportunity, it will reduce anxiety on the first day of school. I was "forbidden" by Jonathan to take any pictures---he's at that stage already?---but of course I had to snap a few! When I picked him up, he was very excited and said kindergarten was "Awesome!". He can't wait to return tomorrow.

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Girlfrog said...

This is such a great thing for the district to do! Our school system has "kindergarten camp" where the children go for a few hours each day for two weeks. But they don't have their teachers! I think it goes far to alleviate some stress for the children!