Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Down On The Farm

I think I should change to title of my blog to "The Library Blog"! Once again, we had a fun party provided by our library. This one was on Earth Day and featured a Down On The Farm theme.

As I have come to expect, Miss Janet did not disappoint! The decorations and details were wonderful.
The orchard (fruit), the garden (veggies) and cow pies (chocolate cakes).

Haystacks (pretzel sticks)

Pitchforks and hankies

View of the table, love the fresh flowers!
The window ledge was filled with pots of geraniums, old watering cans and galvanized buckets

Drink bottles with "MOO" straw flags, filled with milk at snack time, and barn shaped take home boxes
While I was admiring the decorations, the kids were having so much fun doing farm themed activities.
Hay rides!

A real saddle to play on
Playing horseshoes
May I say one more time: We love our library and appreciate its talented, hard-working staff!


Wendi said...

Fun! Boy I wish we had a library like that!

becka said...

You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful library staff. My daughter lives in Michigan and they did have a preschool reading and craft time once a month when her son was younger but they lost the funding so it ended. It was mainly just reading aloud to the children and having themed coloring sheets or some other very simple project--nothing like the wonderful activities at your library. :)