Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hot Wheels Fun At The Library

Spring break started with the library's annual Hot Wheels Races Extravaganza. Last year was the first year we attended, and Jonathan couldn't wait to go this year! It is always held on the first Monday of spring break.
The room is transformed into little boy heaven! Little girls, too, but the boys especially get into all the races and neat track set ups.
Some of the track for Hot Wheel races
Jonathan prepares to race his car

Racing with his friend Elise

I was surprised when I looked out and saw this:

Yes, they brought a real race car into the library!

The kids were allowed to get inside the car. That was the highlight of the morning for Jonathan! 

After the races and the experience of being a "race car driver", we had lunch with friends. It was the perfect start to spring break!

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Echoes From the Hill said...

You have the most amazing library!
What a great place!